Pedagogic Ambassador Project

SDU’s Centre for Teaching and Learning is committed to both promoting the underlying principles of active teaching and learning and to recognising colleagues whose teaching demonstrates these principles. The Lecturer Training Programme and the Universitetspædagogikum Programme encourage colleagues to practise and receive feedback on ways in which they engage and motivate student learners. These colleagues evidence their effective teaching and learning practices through the teaching and learning development project and the e-learning project. In addition, SDU’s Centre for Teaching and Learning holds an annual Conference on Teaching and Learning (TAL), at which colleagues from SDU and other Higher and Further Education Institutions share their effective practices.

SDU colleagues can access further support and inspiration from our growing number of Pedagogic Ambassadors. These colleagues have volunteered to share their active and effective teaching and learning approaches, offering inspiration and support. These examples of how they have engaged students which range from group work, to podcasts, to innovative approaches involving role play and creativity can help other colleagues see how it can be done in the classroom or online.

Colleagues who are implementing effective, active and often innovative approaches to teaching and learning are encouraged to contact SDU’s Centre for Teaching and Learning. After an interview with a pedagogic consultant, where they are asked to describe and evaluate their teaching and learning approaches, they approve a summarised transcript and agree to it being shared with other colleagues. These transcripts are disseminated by SDU’s Centre for Teaching and Learning in response to requests from colleagues who are looking for examples of effective teaching and learning. They will also be uploaded to the Pedagogic Ambassador webpage together with the colleague’s contact details to encourage further peer collaboration, inspiration and support.

Peer learning and peer modeling are some of the most powerful ways to develop understanding and thanks to colleagues who are willing to share different approaches; we can all share in their learning.