Types of feedback activities

Academic writing
Academic writing teaches students to work with academic texts as source materials and document a scientific study. Academic writing is problem-oriented and develops knowledge and understanding.

Writing articles
Writing articles teaches students to produce scientific articles. Articles are based on a relatively short study in a specific and restricted topic, and they only have one or few issues as well as one main message.      

Solving assignments
The aim of this activity is to apply theory to solve minor issues in an assignment. A second aim with this activity could be to introduce or practise using a specific tool.  

Student presentations
Student presentations involve students preparing and presenting a presentation alone or in groups, potentially with relating visual aids such as PowerPoint slides. The aim of this activity is to practise oral presentation skills.  

During an internship, the student has to write a report on the internship. The report should prove that the tasks the student performed during the internship were professionally relevant and on a high level.

A portfolio is a collection of performances and assignments. The focus in this activity is on the student’s reflection on the learning process. The portfolio can also be used to test the student’s knowledge, skills and competences.

Creating posters
This activity is characterised by students creating posters with textual and visual materials, i.e. as part of finalising a project. Afterwards the poster will be presented.

Project work
Working with a project involves working with specific and often interdisciplinary topics to answer a specific issue. Essential to this activity is that it is performed in the teams, which teaches the students teamwork skills.  

Report writing
A report is an academic and systematic collection of specific information, and it is commented according to the objective of the report. The report will often be a formal account of a completed study or a course of events.

Training practical skills
Students can improve their skills in a course by completing different practical exercises, which will benefit them during their studies as well as in their future work.

This activity involves working with specific actions, methods or procedures in order to maintain and/or develop specific skills and competences.

Tests (SRS, MCQ)
Tests require students to answer a number of questions with a short, clear and precise answer. Generally the students either have to pick the answer from a list multiple choices or write a short answer.