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Test your study programme

Test your study programme (Excel) gives you a quick overview of how many times each learning objective is being used in a particular study programme.

You type in how many times each assessment method appears in the study programme and then you are presented with a graphical overview of how many times each learning objective is assessed.This provides you with a picture of the prioritisation of learning objectives in terms of evaluation for the particular study programme.

If you wish for the graphical overview to account for the number of ECTS-points as well, you can use Test your study programme ECTS (Excel). Please be aware that it is possible to change the predefined ECTS-specifications. A maximum of two different ECTS-specifications can be used for each assessment method.

Working with your Study Programme

For this purpose you can use the tool Working with your study program (Excel) there can be used to puzzle around with subjects and assessment methods. Plot in the subject(s) in the matching assessment method and press enter. Then the subject will appear in the diagram below.

The diagram gives you an overview of the variety in the assessment methods being tested as well as an overview of the variety in the learning objectives being tested. The dark green areas in the diagram show which learning objectives it is possible to test with the particular assessment method.