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Key words: MCQ and portfolio, Blackboard, peer feedback

Malene Grubbe Hildebrant,
Post doc.
Institute of Clinical Research, OUH

This example of an assessment method is a module assessment in diagnostics, which is part of a master programme offered by the Institute of Clinical Research at Odense University Hospital. The assessment method comprises a portfolio exam with a final MCQ (Multiple choice questionnaire), where Blackboard frames one of the assessments in the course.

A discussion board was created in Blackboard, in which the students over two weeks examined a selected diagnostic paper. The students examined the paper to explain and discuss the content, and to carry out a critical evaluation of the paper’s scientific validity. Subsequently, the students provided each other with peer feedback.

Learning objectives regarding theoretical knowledge about concepts and competences in diagnostics for the purpose of performing critical evaluations of scientific literature on diagnostics.

Overall positive feedback from the students, examiners and teachers, as well as good assessment results. The biggest problem was setting the time for access to the discussion board.

It is beneficial to do group work similar to the assessment on Blackboard before the actual assessment, as this will enhance the motivation in the group work and assist recognition at the actual assessment. 

Unfortunately, creating this assessment is a time-consuming task for the examiner, especially the MCQ. Consequently, it is advantageous to keep the assignment structured and limited.

Suitable for classes of: 20-30 students
Suitable for level: Master level
Suitable for offline, online or both:  Online
Is the activity part of the curriculum? Yes


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