Example 15

Actors: Lecturer, peer assessment, external party
Type: Creating posters


The feedback activity in brief
The students work on a practical project, which they present via a poster to the rest of the class, the teachers and other people from the department at the end of the semester. The audience ask questions and provide feedback.

This feedback activity was applied in the course “K-PTE4 Instrumentelle analystiske metoder og anvendt statistik” (K-PTE4 Instrumental analytical methods and applied statistics) at the Faculty of Engineering. This course is taught to fourth semester bachelor students in the Engineering programme of Chemical- and Biotechnology, as well as to fourth semester bachelor students in the Engineering programme of Chemical Engineering. There were approximately 30 students in the class.

The actual activity and its extent
During the semester the students worked on a practical project in analytical chemistry and statistics, which they presented via posters at the end of the semester. The students are provided with certain guidelines regarding size and content, but other than that they have freedom of choice reganding design, images, priorities etc. The project group presents the poster at a ‘public’ session, where the audience encompass teachers, interested employees at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Environmental Technology.

After the presentation the audience ask questions to the group and provide the group with feedback. Since the final exam in this course is an oral exam, the poster presentation is a good way to prepare. Furthermore, a lot of the critical questions from the audience are similar to the questions asked during the exam.

Poster-printer and PC as well as tape/pins or the like have been used for the activity.

Experiences and assessment
It takes approximately 1-2 days to prepare the poster, and 2-3 hours to do the presentations and feedback. Space is needed in the room used for the presentations for putting up approximately 6 posters and for the audience.

Evaluation: in which contexts will you recommend this feedback activity?

Suitable for classes of: <50
Suitable for level: All
Suitable for offline, online or both: Offline
Other possible actors: Yes
Is the activity part of an assessment method? Yes
Is the activity part of the curriculum? No


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