Example 7

Actors: Lecturer
Type: Solving assignments, portfolio

Ib Christensen,
Associate professor
Mads Clausen Institute
Faculty of Engineering, SDU

The feedback activity in brief
Optional feedback from the lecturer on module assignments for a portfolio. The purpose of this feedback activity is for the students to get the opportunity to improve their assignments and learn from the feedback.

On the first semester the engineering students have a big module of 30 ECTS points composed of several courses. The students must hand in six assignments, which are gathered in a portfolio that must be approved to pass the module. In one of the courses (Digital Electronics), the teacher gave the students the opportunity to receive feedback on their assignments.

The actual activity and its extent
The students have the opportunity of handing in their assignments, receiving feedback from the teacher and then handing in the assignment again. This way the students learn from the feedback and get the opportunity to improve and get a second chance. The feedback was provided within the scheduled hours as an optional offer for the students who were interested in it..

Experiences and assessment
The teacher noted that it is necessary to allow time for reviewing the papers twice, first for the feedback and then for the final assessment. Furthermore, there should be enough time to provide the students with feedback. The teacher provided the students with feedback face-to-face, but via e-mail if it was very specific feedback. The students who accepted the offer were very happy with it. However, it was not all of the students who chose to accept it. The students acknowledged that they should reach out themselves to gain from the offer and improve their competences.

Evaluation: in which contexts will you recommend this feedback activity?

Suitable for classes of: Approximately 30 is suitable, there must be room for providing students with feedback
Suitable for level:
Suitable for offline, online or both:
Other possible actors:
Is the activity part of an assessment method? No, it is optional
Is the activity part of the curriculum? No
References: No


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