VIB Diagram - Distance teaching, learning and supervision

Pedagogical challenge Metods/Tools Advantages Links to information, good examples, articles How do I get started?
Meeting students who are geographically dispersed
  • The web conference system, Adobe Connect
  • Flexible teaching and learning, group work, supervision and exam
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How can I keep the student engaged at a distance?
  • Diskussionsforum*
  • Possibility to develop social and academic communities via knowledge sharing in discussions forums
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  • Twitter
  • Encourages immediate knowledge sharing, collaborative learning and co-responsibility in the form of questions and answers
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  • Facebook
  • Meet students where they are
  • Improve communication between students and teacher
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How do I facilitate online interaction between the students?
  • E-tivities
  • Clear and simple guidelines for the students who are first to post academic contributions online and then provide each other with feedback
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* Tools availble on the e-learning platform of the University of Southern Denmark, (Blackboard)