Example 16

Actors: Self-assessment 
Type: Tests

Henrik Skov Midtiby,
Postdoc, PhD
The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute
The Faculty of Engineering

The feedback activity in brief
The students reflect on their own learning during the lecture and provide the lecturer with online feedback.

This activity has been applied several times in classes with first year students in Chemistry (Department of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Environmental Technology, Faculty of Engineering). There are approximately 30 students in the mathematics and physics class.

The actual activity and its extent
The students are asked to consider their own learning and they are asked to answer the following questions based on the previous week’s lecture:

  • What was difficult to understand?
  • What was the easiest part to understand?
  • 3 positive things
  • 3 things that should be improved

At the end of a two-hour session 10 minutes were spent on this activity. Afterwards the lecturer spent approximately 15 minutes on recapitulation. The students often bring their own computer to give online feedback via a student response system.

Experiences and assessment
The students have provided feedback on what they found difficult to understand after a given lecture. Some examples of such feedback are “ I generally think that it was very abstract, and I would appreciate it if you could break it into smaller pieces” and “I like that we moved faster today". This provides the lecturer with constructive feedback regarding improvements, and specific examples of what could be changed in the teaching activities. 

Evaluation: in which contexts will you recommend this feedback activity?

Suitable for classes of: 10 – 50 (up to 200) (with large classes the number of answers can be challenging)
Suitable for level:  All at the higher education level 
Suitable for offline, online or both:  Online
Other possible actors:  Yes
Is the activity part of an assessment method? No
Is the activity part of the curriculum? No


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